South America Camping Locations
and GPS coordinates
(Including Southern Costa Rica & Panama)



San Antonio Belen just outside San Jose, Belen RV Park.  GPA 9 58.801N 85 43.420W

Cahuita, La Piscina Natural in Cahuita. Also possible to free camp just down the road along Black Beach during high season.

Gandoca, Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Gandoca-Manzanillo, camped at the end of the road across from the beach at Gandoca.



Willie Mazu Rancho Ecologico, KM 68 between Chiriqui Grande and Lago Fortuna.

Boquete, on the side of the street, Calle 2 Sur, across from the main square.

Santiago, Hotel La Hacienda, GPS 08 07.42N 80 58.75W.

Playa Santa Clara, XS Memories.

Parque Nacional Soberania, Ranger Station/entrance.



Parque Nacional Henri Pittier, in front of the Estacion Biologica Rancho Grande.

Guatire, Hotel Las Cabinas parking lot, GPS 10 28.04N 66 33.93W

Isla Margarita:    Parque Nacional Laguna de La Restinga, at the embarkation pier, and
         Parque Nacional Laguna de La Restinga, unnamed beach, GPS 11 04.02N 64 15.04W.

Puerto La Cruz car ferry parking lot.

El Tigre, large PDV Gas Station/truck stop at south end of town.

Ciudad Bolivar, Posada La Casita, GPS 08 05.46N 63 29.37W

Ciudad Guayana, parking lot of the airport.

El Dorado, small park on way to town, GPS 06 44.73N 61 37.50W

Iboribo, Gran Sabana, GPS 05 35.25N 61 29.72W

Gran Sabana Lagoon bush camp, GPS 05 41.04N 61 32.63W

Bush camp south of Santa Elena, GPS 04 52.59N 61 05.40W

Santa Elena, on the street in front of the Guardia Nacional Headquarters



***Brazil also has a membership campground association that allows non-members to camp, although at higher rates.  Their website has address but few directions to the camps.  Check out Web Camping at   However, many of the campsites that we found had low entrances that we could not fit through.  Also, many “camping “ areas do not have access for vehicles but are rather walk in sites.***

South of Mucajai, Bush camp, no gps

Bush camp near south entrance to the Reserva Terra Indigena Waimiri Atroari, 
GPS 01 16.69S 60 24.47W

Manaus, City camp, behind the Central das Federacoes Desportivas do Amazonas (Stadium), Av Constantino Nery and Av Leonardo Malcher

Punta Negra, city camp, across from the amphitheater.

Manaus, camp in the parking lot of the amazon barge company, Chibatao - Navegacao E Comercio Ltda, industrial District.

5 nights on the barge on the Amazon.  See shipping info for details.

BR gas station/truck stop on highway 316 about 10 miles out of Belem.  South of the Amazon River, Brazil has a great network of truck stops, called Postos, providing excellent places to spend the night for free.

South of Sao Luis, Posto Marrecao on Hwy 135, GPS 03 19.99S 44 26.79W.

Praia (beach) Calhau, city camp, 8 km north of Sao Luis.

BR Truck stop, Hwy 316, 40 km wests of Caxias.

Parque Nat'l de Sete Cidades, camped in the park one night at Parque Hotel Sete Cidades, then camped at the Hotel Fazenda Sete Cidades outside the entrance (great pool).

Fortaleza, truck stop west of the city.

Canoa Quebrada, beach camp and city camp on the main street.

Natal, Camping Praias Belas - Rod. RN313, Km13, Colônia do Pium, turn off just south of Parnamirim.  

Joao Pessoa, Camping Club of Brazil at Praia do Ponta do Seixas, on the beach

Recife, the Convention Center, located between Olinda and Recife.  Enter through the west gate past the main entrance.  2nd night at a truck stop on the southern side of town.

Maceio, Praia do Frances 22km south of Maceio, campground on the beach at the north end of town.  Go to the beach and turn left until it ends at the campground.

Aracaju, truck stop out of town.

Salvador, one night camped at the Mitsubishi dealer after service was completed.  Other nights camped at Camping de Salvador - Praia do Flamengo about 20 km north of Salvador.  GPS:  12 56.81 S  38 20.46W

Between Salvador and Ipatinga camped at truck stops.

Ouro Preto, Camping Club Brazil-MG-01 - Rod. dos Inconfidentes, enter from west side of town.

Congonhas, camped in truck stop, but possible to camp behind the tourist office near the bus station.

Teresopolis, Parque Nacional de Serra do Orgaos

Rio de Janiero, Camping Verde Mar, Estrada Do Bandeirantes, near Clube Aquatico Wet n' Wild.


South America Camping GPS / locations:

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