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Origin of the name, New Mexico

The upper region of the Rio Grande was called Nuevo Mexico as early as 1561; the name was anglicized and applied to lands ceded to the United States by Mexico after the Mexican War; Mexico is an Aztec word meaning "place of Mexitli," an Aztec god

New Mexico Symbols

  • State Animal - Black Bear
  • State Bird - Roadrunner
  • State Fish - New Mexico Cutthroat Trout
  • State Flag - State Flag and Seal
  • State Flower - Yucca
  • State Fossil - Coelophysis
  • State Grass - Blue Grama Grass
  • State Insect - Tarantula Hawk Wasp
  • State Mineral - Turquoise
  • State Motto - "Crescit eundo"  It grows as it goes
  • State Seal 
  • State Song - O, Fair New Mexico
  • State Tree - Pinon
  • State Vegetables - chile and frijoles
  • State Nickname - Land of Enchantment
New Mexico Links New Mexico State Government
BLM New Mexico
NM's National Parks
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and links to all NM Pueblos
New Mexico's Department of Tourism (great information)
Ghost Towns
New Mexico's National Forests
NM Office of Cultural Affairs


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Kim and Don Greene, Authors; publication date October 1, 2001