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Nature in Venezuela

Nature in Brazil

Volcanoes in Central and South America


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

History of Simon Bolivar


InfoPlease - General Information

LANIC - Venezuela Specific Links

Altapedia - General Information

The Amazon Region of VZ

Country Info by SOS Children's Villages

National Parks and Monuments

Nature Photos

Fauna & Flora

Food of Venezuela

Virtual Andean Tourist Routes

Gallery of Photos

Venezuela For Kids

Environmental Issues

Roads in the Amazon

Cerrado - the Brazilian Savannas

Deforestation in the Amazon

The Pantanal

Paving of Road brings changes

Amazon Fauna & Flora - Greenpeace


InfoPlease - Brazil Information

Salvador de Bahia info

States and Cities Info

Brazil - an Introduction

Alapedia Online - Brazil

Timeline - Brazil

Timeline by BBC

Brazilian Society


Flags and Maps
of the World

National Geographic
Xpeditions Atlas

South America Map

Maps of Venezuela in PDF


Free South America
Map Puzzle

South America Outline Maps

Blank Outline

South America Lesson Plan Links

Indigenous  Population

Brazil's Natives - Amnesty International

Instituto Socioambiental-
Indians and Us



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