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Rio de Janeiro (1)

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Iguazu Falls - Brazil

Iguazu Falls - Argentina

Brazil misc

The Misiones

Esteros del Ibera

Buenos Aires

Peninsula Piramides

Argentina misc

Punta Tombo Penguins

Southern Patagonia Coast

Monumento Natural Bosques Petrificados

Argentinia Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Chile Tierra del Fuego

Chilean South Patagonia

Torres del Paines NP, Chile

Perito Moreno Glacier

Fitz Roy

La Cuarenta - Ruta 40

Chile Chico, Chile

The Marble Cathedral

Northern Carretera Austral


Penguins & Guanacos



If you would like to have a larger version of any of these photos for use in your classrooms, please feel free to print the photos right off the website.  Reproductions made for commercial purposes are prohibited without prior approval.  We only ask that you email and tell us which photos you found useful and how you used them. 

If you would like us to print a High Quality 8 x 10 photo suitable for framing, we charge the  minimal amount of $25.00 US.  Just email us the name of the photo together with a shipping address and send payment through PayPal via the "Donation" link on our Contribution Page.

To print photos from the website, just follow these simple directions

  1. Left click on the photo you want, this will enlarge it,
  2. Right click on the photo,
  3. Left click on "Print Photo" or similar wording.

This will send the photo to your printer.  You can also left click on "Save" to save the photo to your hard drive so that you can print it at a later time.

Should you wish us to print a photo for you, please use the email link at the bottom of the page to request a copy from us.  Make sure to give us the name of the photo you wish to have.  

You can even send a photo to a friend as a postcard.  Use the same email link below, just provide us with your friend's email address and the message you want us to place on the postcard. 

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