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Charitable contributions from people like you help us promote the goal of building greater understanding between people of different cultures around the world. 

Our goals support the belief that young people who experience different cultures will develop a more sensitive, unbiased view of the world. You can play a pivotal role in our ability to reach these goals. 

We are counting on the continued support from individuals like you as we reach out to students and teachers around the globe. 

All contributions are tax deductible so please make a contribution today! 

Thank you.

The World of Wonders Expeditions allows a broad audience of students, teachers, parents, travelers and others to experience the cultures of people from around the World.  Your donation will help to continue the research, documentation and Virtual Classroom web site presentation of these wonderful cultures and experiences to the broadest possible audience. There is much work and expenses that are incurred in the research and conducting of these expeditions and with your help we can make this project a lasting historical and informative place for people to learn and enjoy about the people who add so much to our world experience.

Charitable contributions are essential in assisting ALF to successfully meet its goals.  Adventure Learning Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to education and promoting a greater understanding of and between people of different cultures around the world.

Please make a contribution today to help bring our learning adventures to students and teachers.  Every donation will bring us closer to reaching our goals. 

The World of Wonders Project supports a series of expeditions as part of the Around the World Expedition.  Each expedition explores the varied cultures of the world while providing interactive content to inspire and motivate students and adults to a heightened sense of international awareness and increased knowledge of other cultures.

Through your generosity ALF can continue to raise the level of understanding of the world's different cultures.  Adventure Learning Foundation accepts cash donations, appreciated stock gifts, free services and in-kind gifts.  We invite you to join the expeditions and to support the foundation.

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Contact us with any questions about contributions and sponsorships.  All contributions, gifts and sponsorships are tax deductible.

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