Product descriptions from our Sponsors and Contributors 

The Adventure Learning Foundation is supported solely through donations and contributions. 

Without the support of generous private and corporate sponsors our expeditions and virtual classroom would not be possible.

Please contact us for more information regarding sponsorship opportunities.  Join the Virtual Classroom by making a donation or registering your classroom today.

 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines

Wallenius Wilhelmsen is a market leader providing a global service in ocean and inland transportation solutions. They have a fleet of over 60 modern vessels and 600 transporters. The company, whose roots date back to the 19th century ship-owning business, is a specialist in Ro-Ro transportation.  WWL has committed to providing ALF with international shipping of our Expedition Vehicle from continent to continent during The World of Wonders Project.


Cooper Tires

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is the Official Tire Sponsor of the World of Wonders Project.  Cooper Tires has provided a set of eight (8) new Discoverer S/T-C for our expedition vehicle to take us across Africa, Europe and Asia.  The Discoverer S/T-C is Cooper’s premium all-purpose light truck traction tire that utilizes a special cut and chip resistance tread compound. A hybrid of three designs – all-terrain, high void and commercial traction – the Discoverer S/T-C is especially suited for off-road applications where cutting and chipping of the tread that leads to reduced mileage is of primary concern.



Maxtrax is an innovative new lightweight. super-tough vehicle recovery device designed to make vehicle recovery fast, easy, safe and simple.  The modern updated version of the old aluminum sand ladder makes vehicle recovery from sand and mud an easy one person job.  Reinforced nylon with built in grab points for tires makes for a nearly indestructible recovery device!  A must for self rescue of our expedition vehicle whenever we venture off of paved roads.


Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery, a world leader in deep cycle technology, has provided ALF with two 8D series and two 31 series  AGM dual purpose batteries for our living cabin and as starting batteries.  Trojan’s AGMs are maintenance free and require no watering – perfect as expedition quality.  Additionally, the AGM batteries provide a high-rate discharge and recharge capability and are non-spillable – great qualities when traveling off-grid and over rough roads.  Trojan’s AGM batteries are ideal for applications, such as our expeditions, that require higher discharge rates, light-duty cycling and as backup power


Hema Maps

Hema Maps Pty Ltd is a Brisbane-based private company. Hema Maps also has a subsidiary's in New Zealand called Hema Maps NZ Limited and in North America called Hema Maps North America.  Hema Maps publishes more than 200 map titles of their own and distributes an unequalled range of maps, travel guides, globes and other products around the world, representing more than fifty publishers.  Our friends at Hema have provided us with their excellent maps, road and off-road atlas' for both the Australia and New Zealand Expeditions.


Dirty Weekends

Dirty Weekends is an independent off-road researcher and publisher who had provided us with their books covering the State of Queensland, Australia.  The easy-to-use volumes contains full planning information and detailed directions for tours in the region from northern New South Wales to Fraser Island and as far west as Texas.  The island and bush trips described traverse historic coach roads, easy forest drives and rough bush tracks.  Trip notes include cumulative and intermediate distances, any signs or relevant cultural and natural history info, plus GPS co-ordinates. The guides have helped us to experience this fabulous region's beaches, magical rainforests and fair dinkum Aussie bush with the 'peace of mind' of knowing what's around the next corner.


Tracks 4 Africa

Tracks4Africa (T4A for short) is a NON-PROFIT organization run by ‘Environmental users’.  Their core purpose is MAPPING AFRICA. What’s the main focus? The main focus is the GPS mapping of eco-destinations in rural and remote Africa. Outdoor activities including hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, river rafting, scuba diving, bird watching, flower viewing, paragliding, skydiving and the off-road users (the bikers, the quad’ers and the 4x4 people), all have an environmental impact on the diversity of plant and animal life.

Eco-mapping requirements are of utmost importance given the increase in human traffic to eco-destinations. Most of these destinations are outside the National Parks, Nature Reserves and Protected Areas, and as such, they don’t enjoy the relative benefits of research, legislation and access control. Moreover, many of these destinations are home to historical, cultural and religious heritage.  The responsibility for protection and preservation of our environment rests with ‘Environmental users’.


Kingfisher Bay Resorts
and Barges

Kingfisher operates the Fraser Explorer Tour Company and provided us with vehicle transport on their barges to Fraser Island from Inskip and from Fraser Island to Hervey Bay.  In addition, the company operates resort accommodations on and provide tour options to people exploring Fraser Island on their own.


Memory Map

Memory-Map's designs easy to use, powerful and affordable navigation software and accessories to the outdoor recreation and marine markets.  For our New Zealand and Australia Expeditions Memory Map provided great software for use with our mapping and GPS programs.  The Memory-Map Navigator software includes navigation, printing and planning tools which when combined with the fully geo-referenced Memory-Map Cartography and a GPS unit, provides a complete state-of-the-art solution that is fast, efficient and easy to use!


Aquapac International Limited

Aquapac is an industry leader of waterproof bags.  Its range of innovative waterproof cases will protect all types of items: money and passports through to mobile phones, camcorders and cameras.  The Aquapac product line will keep our cameras, GPS and outdoor equipment safe and dry.  We will even be able to take photos while snorkeling and kayaking.  The amazing sealing system makes their bags completely waterproof, sand and dust proof and guaranteed submersible to 15ft!

Power Bright develops and manufactures 12 Volt & 24 Volt DC to AC Power Inverters in both Modified & Pure Sine Wave. In addition we manufacture Step Up & Down 110V-220V Voltage Transformers.  Through their website, they are the world's largest voltage converter distributor.  Power Bright has provided ALF with a 500w Step up/down voltage transformer to allow our explorers to use their 110v equipment around the world, even in countries where the voltage is 220.


 Telenor Satellite Services

Telenor Satellite Services is one of the world's leading providers of global mobile satellite communications, offering a full range of land, mobile, maritime and aeronautical services via the INMARSAT satellite network. Telenor Satellite Services offers high-quality voice, data, e-mail, fax and telex services.  Solutions such as remote LAN/WAN access, e-mail, e-commerce, Internet & Intranet access, image transfer and "store and forward" video can now be used wherever needed as well as high quality voice and fax.  Telenor Satellite Services is providing an M-4 Inmarsat-GAN terminal for high speed Internet access via the satellite network and is also providing all of the satellite airtime during each expedition.


Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is renowned for its first-hand approach, up-to-date maps and commitment to providing the best information for travelers.  All Lonely Planet products are intended for adventurous, independent travelers.  These include guidebooks, phrasebooks, walking guides, atlases and maps. The guides cover the must-see spots but also encourage travelers to get off the beaten track to really get to know the place and people they are visiting.  Lonely Planet has provided books and guides for each expedition to be used by the Adventure Learning Foundation Explorers.


Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec  is recognized worldwide as an industry leader for personal lighting products. Founded in 1975, today Princeton Tec is a diverse global company, committed to developing high quality products for the personal lighting industry. Manufactured in the USA, Princeton Tec products offer waterproof integrity, a lifetime warranty, and the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry.


California Innovations

California Innovations' products has 18 years of experience in perfecting the design and insulating capabilities of coolers.  The Collapsible Cooler combines state-of-the-art cooling capabilities with an advanced design so they collapse into a flat, compact pack when empty. The "fits anywhere, goes everywhere coolers" keep things cool for hours and have revolutionized the way the food and beverages can be transported.  California Innovations has provided our expedition team with their top of the line 14 gallon Thermal Freezer Tote to use not just as a cooler back as a back-up to our refrigerator.  


Pegasus Imaging Corporation

Pegasus Imaging Corporation delivers research-driven digital imaging software development tools and compression technologies to a wide variety of industries.  Pegasus has provided ALF with software to prepare expedition photos for the Virtual Classroom.  The JPEG Wizard and PICShow create smaller, faster downloading images without compromising quality.


Simple Star

Simple Star makes easy to use personal media software that enables people to manage, make and share personal media in fun and creative ways.  Simple Star has provided ALF with the PhotoShow software to create multimedia slideshows from our expedition photographs.


Moon Handbooks

Avalon Publishing Group

Moon Handbooks aren’t your average guides. For more than 30 years, these books have appealed to an eclectic group of travelers, from backpacking students to solo adventurers to families on vacation (and a budget). With expert writers delivering a mix of honest insight, first-rate strategic advice, and an essential dose of humor, Moon Handbooks ensure that travelers have an uncommon and entirely satisfying experience—and a few new stories to tell. Our explorers have a set of Moon Handbooks for our Central America Expedition.



A world leader in the development and application of sophisticated optical technology, Olympus has created innovative solutions for consumers, health care and industry for over 80 years.  Olympus has provided the explorers with a D-490 Zoom digital camera to use for posting expedition photos to the online photo album.



Bushnell® has been the industry leader in high-performance sports optics for over 50 years. Bushnell has provided one of their new Perma Focus binoculars.  The binoculars will allow the explorers to have a better view of the wild animals found on safari and of the 2001 African Eclipse.  


General Ecology, Inc.

General Ecology, Inc., a worldwide provider of drinking water purification systems, has provided the Foundation with a Nature Pure Undersink Purifier with Faucet for installation in the expedition vehicle. The Purifier will provide clean water anywhere the explorers travel.  The system removes microbiological contaminants naturally without creating waste water. When traveling without their vehicle, the explorers continue to rely on the First Need Portable Purifier for their fresh water needs.


ADCO Products

ADCO Products is an RV cover and soft-goods manufacturer.   ADCO has provided ALF with an SFS Aqua-shed RV Cover to protect the expedition vehicle from the elements.  All of ADCO's products can be ordered through Camping World.


Victoria Industries Ltd

Victoria Industries Limited has been manufacturing an ever expanding line of products for the Recreational Vehicle Industry since 1967.  Victoria has provided their five (5) step Aluminum Camper Step for use on our expedition vehicle.  This will make entry into the camper much easier and the steps fold up for easy storage when not in use.


Fan-tastic Vent Corporation

Fan-tastic Vent Corporation provided the high efficiency thermostatically controlled ceiling vent fans installed on both our original and custom Expedition Vehicles regulating the temperature inside the camper.  Incorporated in 1984, the company began the production of a patented 12-volt high efficiency ceiling fan.  Products are marketed primarily to the recreation vehicle industry worldwide.



AIRE provided the explorers with a Caracal Inflatable Kayak a lightweight high performance boat.  AIRE designs and manufactures inflatable kayaks, rafts and catarafts utilizing their unique AIREcell system—a separate airtight inner tube (AIREcell) with a highly puncture and wear resistant outer shell which makes their boats safe, durable and easy to repair.  An environmentally friendly, glue free process with our AIREcell system insures a long lasting and tough high performance AIREcraft.



Xantrex and is a one-stop-shop for compact, portable power products and accessories. A user-friendly site provides information on battery charging, and portable and backup power solutions.  XANTREX has provided a RV2012 - a 2000-watt Inverter with 100-amp Charger together with a RC7 Controller.  Store4power has donated a Jazz 500 and a Portawattz 140 power inverter to Adventure Learning Foundation. The inverters provide the Foundation's explorers with household electricity from the expedition vehicle's battery to run things like laptops, satellite terminal and other equipment.



In-Sink-Erator® is the world’s largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and hot water dispensers for home and commercial use. In-Sink-Erator® has supplied the HOT-1 Instant Hot Water Dispenser to provide the expedition vehicle with instant near-boiling 190°F water water right at the kitchen sink. The low profile and compact nature of the HOT-1 makes it the right accessory for our kitchen.



For over 30 years, Ventline has been an industry leader and sets the standard in range hoods, roof vents, and monitoring systems for recreational vehicles.  Ventline has provided the monitoring panels for holding tank and propane levels, as well as an exhaust fan for the expedition vehicle.


Manchester Tank  Manchester Tank is a leading manufacturer of low-pressure vessels for propane, air, refrigerant, and industrial applications in North America and Australia.  Manchester Tank has provided a 30# horizontal propane tank for our expedition vehicle.


KC HiLiTES KC HiLites has been a dominant force in automobile auxiliary lighting for over 30 years.   They have designed, engineered and manufactured the most advanced auxiliary lighting available. KC HiLiTES have provided the off road auxiliary lighting installed on the expedition vehicle.


Superwinch   Superwinch manufactures a wide variety of electric winches and have sold over two million units worldwide.  Superwinch has provided the top of the line S9000 winch installed on the expedition vehicle to allow for self recovery if the vehicle gets stuck.


Paramount Manufacturing

Paramount Manufacturing provided the sleep system (queen size mattress) installed in the expedition vehicle.


Dometic Corporation Dometic Corporation is a leading systems supplier to the recreational vehicle and pleasure boat industry.  Dometic provided the Horizon Case Awning installed on exterior of the expedition vehicle.


Dometic/Tundra Dometic/Tundra has provided the top of line T80 Refrigerator/freezer to be installed in the expedition vehicle to provide safe storage of all the expedition perishables.


Link Manufacturing, Ltd. Link Mfg., Ltd. is a manufacturer and marketer of high quality, suspension and tire pressure maintenance systems for the transportation industry.  For the expedition vehicle, Link Mfg. provided the Cat's Eye to make checking the air pressure in our dual tires fast and easy.


Kinro    Kinro is the premier manufacturer of aluminum and vinyl windows and doors for recreational vehicles and manufactured homes.  Kinro provide all of the windows installed in the living cabin of the expedition vehicle.


Mitsubishi Fuso Mitsubishi Fuso supplied the FG model, four wheel drive medium-duty cabover that is the chassis of our expedition vehicle.


East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Deka has provided two 198ah Deka Sea Mate RV AGM batteries to power the cabin of the expedition vehicle.  The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are the perfect fit for expedition use as they can handle the deep discharge of our power demands, yet are spill proof and leakproof no matter how rough the road that we travel.


Thin-Lite Corporation Thin Lite Corporation is a leader in the production and manufacture of 12 volt DC fluorescent lights the  solar, trucking and RV industries.  Thin Lite has provided for all the lighting needs of the cabin of the expedition vehicle.


Blaupunkt  Blaupunkt is a full-line audio manufacturer with products in radios, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, navigation and mobile video.  Blaupunkt has provided for our audio needs by donating a AM/FM MP3/CD Player, 10 disc CD Changer and speakers for the expedition vehicle.


Blue Sky Energy, Inc. Blue Sky Energy, Inc., has provided a Solar Boost 2000E charge controller and battery temperature sensor that will safely allow a 30% increase in the power generated from our solar array.


MTI Industries, Inc. MTI Industries, Inc. manufactures alarm systems for homes, recreational vehicles and boats that monitor gas, CO2, smoke and intruder alerts.  MTI has provided for the safety of our explorers by donating a carbon monoxide alarm and a propane/LP gas alarm.


Shurflo Pump Manufacturing Company Shurfo manufacturers small high performance pumps and fluid handling systems for many industries, including recreational vehicles.  Shurflo provided the water pump, faucet, filters and accessories now installed in the expedition vehicle.


Atwood Mobile Products Atwood Mobile Products designs and manufactures products for Recreational Vehicle and other mobile application for more than 90 years. Atwood is the largest supplier to the American recreation vehicle industry. Atwood has provided a high output stove top for our explorers to cook their meals while on expedition.


KYOCERA Solar Inc. Kyocera is one of the world's largest vertically-integrated producers and suppliers of solar energy products.  Kyocera supplied two 120 watt solar panels to provide all the power necessary to charge the batteries and operate the equipment in our expedition vehicle.


VIAIR Viair Corporation is a manufacturere and worldwide distributor of high performance 12 volt air compressors and air accessories. Viair has provided the air compressor, tank and accessories installed in the expedition vehicle to keep it rolling along.


FireAde Source FireAde 2000 is a Multi-Featured Fire Extinguishing Agent and Control Medium that combines the benefits of 6 different chemical technologies all in one product.  Our expedition vehicle carries 2 fire extinguishers for safety.


RKRP  Inc. RKRP manufacturers RV Accessories and RV Leveling and Stabilizing Equipment.  RKRP has provided 2 sets of levers for use when setting up camp in our expedition vehicle.


Tuffy Security Products Tuffy Security Products manufacture extremely heavy duty security lockboxes and products built to withstand a lifetime of abuse.  Tuffy is supplying our expedition vehicle with lockboxes for all of our security needs. 


Thetford Corporation Thetford Corporation manufacturers a wide range of sanitation products and has supplied a 200CWE cassette toilet for the expedition vehicle to save space by eliminating the black water holding tank.


Paneltronics Inc. Paneltronics specialize in electrical control panels, instrument panels and instrument clusters.  The expedition vehicle utilizes circuit breakers manufactured to our specifications to protect our electronic equipment. 


Webasto Products Webasto Products North America is a leading manufacturer of roof and temperature management systems providing increased comfort in vehicles.  Webasto has provided the Airtop 2000 air heating system installed in the cabin of the expedition vehicle.


ARB 4x4 Accessories ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of 4x4 accessories.  ARB USA has provided the recovery equipment to be used in conjunction with our winch.


STIEBEL ELTRON Stiebel Eltron manufactures environmental control and system engineering for the building industry and is the largest manufacturer of water heaters in Germany.  Stiebel Eltron has donated the tankless electric water heater installed in the expedition vehicle.


Duo Form Plastics Duo Form Plastics has provided the surround and pan used in the bathroom of the expedition vehicle. 


Unicell Body Company, Inc. Unicell is a creative manufacturer whose major products are fiberglass truck bodies.  Unicell incorporated our design specifications to build our custom cabin and living quarters for our expedition vehicle.


Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tire Corporation provided tires for our Mitsubishi-Fuso FG 4x4 Expedition Vehicle during the WOW America phases. 



Truck-Lite is the sponsor of our LED vehicle lighting for the exterior of the Expedition Vehicle.  LED lighting lasts for 100,000 hours and eliminates the need to replace burned out light bulbs.  Truck-Lite has also provide interior lights of the cab of the EV so that the explorers can read their maps at night and hopefully not get lost.


Keen Footwear

Keen Footwear manufactures a full line of waterproof performance footwear for both the adventurer and urban outdoorsman. The footwear gives attention to design details while staying rugged yet comfortable.  Keen has provide our explorers with Newport Sport Sandals that provide great traction both on land and on wet surfaces.


Visual Link Spanish The Visual Link Spanish program by The U.S. Institute of Languages provides our explorers with an interactive Spanish language program on CD-Rom that will help our explorers master the Spanish language to better communicate with the people they meet throughout the Americas.


Marshall Gas Controls
Marshall Brass
Marshall Gas and Brass are divisions of the S. H. Leggitt Company producing high quality, competitive products for the LP gas, RV and plumbing markets.  The two divisions have provided our expedition vehicle with gas controls for propane cooking and for hookup of our outdoor barbeque.


Eberhard Hardware For more than 100 years, Eberhard has been an industry leader providing high-quality hardware for for industrial, vehicular and specialty use.  Eberhard provided assistance with door hardware and folding steps for our expedition vehicle.


Topline Manufacturing

Topline manufactures a large line of aluminum accessories for the Rv and automotive market.  Topline provide assistance to ALF through use of a bunk ladder to provide easier access to the bedroom.


Patrick Industries

Patrick Industries offers a multitude of different manufactured products from their 15 manufacturing divisions including laminated products such as the vinyl laminated luan that we utilized to cover the walls and ceiling inside the expedition vehicle.


Kwikee Products, Inc.

Kwikee Products Inc. are manufacturers of many products that have become essentials on today's RV.  For us, Kwikee provided a slide out battery tray to make access to the batteries more convenient.



Marinco's divisions are leading manufacturers in electrical systems for boasts and RV's.  Marinco has provided ALF with AC Power Inlets, Cordsets for electrical power and a MiniVent 1000 Solar powered exhaust ventilation to help circulate the air inside the expedition vehicle.


Go Power! Electric Inc.

GoPower! has been providing equipment for the solar market for over 15 years.  Go Power! has helped ALF by supplying a DC Fuse Block with an extra heavy duty DC rated fuse to protect our inverter and power supply system in the expedition vehicle.



For 40 years Con-Ferr has produced the ultimate in heavy-duty roof racks, the "Porthole Roof Rack".  The Porthole Roof Rack was provided along with holders for our off-road lights and hi-lift jack.  The Rack is designed and built for superior strength and rigidity for maximum cargo security in extreme off road conditions such as will be experenced during the World of Wonders Project.



Scepter we specialize in designing and manufacturing unique molded plastic products to meet the needs of our customers around the world.  Scepter developed the first plastic Jerry Can which are rustproof, unbreakable, non-corroding.  Scepter has provided ALF with cans for back-up diesel fuel and water storage.


Camco Manufacturing

Camco Manufacturing helps RV and homeowners with their wide variety of products.  Camco has help out ALF with vent covers, chemicals, hoses and accessories to make handling our fresh and gray water systems easier and environmentally sound.


Knaack Manufacturing Co.

Knaack Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of job site storage equipment and WEATHERGUARD truck and van equipment.  For the expedition vehicle, Knaack has provided an Underbed aluminum storage box.


Quick Cable

Quick Cable develops, manufactures, and sells specialty electric connectors, cables, tools and related products for commercial and industrial equipment which is battery-powered, battery-started, or uses batteries to condition or store electrical power. Quick Cable provided ALF with cable and connectors for the electrical system of the expedition vehicle.


Inca Plastics

Since 1959, Inca Plastics Molding Company has been an industry leader for RV Waste and Water Tanks.  Inca has provided ALF with 2 gray water tanks and a 60 gallon water tank for the expedition vehicle.


DPI Gold Coast

Gold Coast RV Products manufactures top quality RV accessories at surprisingly affordable prices.  Gold Coast provided ALF with an Open Air Screen Room for the expedition vehicle.


Eagle Creek 

Eagle Creek is a manufacturer of quality travel gear.  They have provided our explorers with Independent Journey Backpacks to carry all of their supplies while exploring Africa and around the world.


Forrest Tool Company

Forrest Tool Company has provided a Max Ax tool for the Expedition Vehicle. The Max Ax is the ultimate emergency preparedness tool designed to be carried as standard equipment on four wheel drive and off road vehicles and pickups. It incorporates seven basic hand tools into one compact and versatile unit .


The Ride-Rite Division of Firestone Industries 

The Ride-Rite Division of Firestone Industries have provided the Foundation with Air Helper Springs for installation on the expedition vehicle.  Ride-Rite air helper springs are heavy duty, quality air springs designed to become an additional weight supporting element of the vehicle's suspension system which allow the expedition vehicle to carry all necessary equipment without fear of overloading the vehicle while allowing optimum handling and performance


EV Solar Products

EV Solar Products offers renewable energy solutions for every situation. They specialize in the design, installation, and sale of fully integrated solar electric, wind, water pumping and emergency back-up systems for all residential and RV  applications.  EV Solar Products has provided and installed a solar panel, inverter and meter to provide electrical power to the Foundation's expedition vehicle.


Cobra Electronics Corporation

Cobra Electronics Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of two-way mobile communication products designed to keep families and companies in touch. Cobra has a 40-year track record of innovation and award-winning products, and leads the industry in developing many technology "firsts." Cobra has provided the Foundation with two of their microTALK line of Family Radio Service communicators which feature high performance and an extremely compact design to make it even easier for our explorers to stay in touch while they're on the go.


Sun Performance Products

Sun Performance Products is a manufacturer of accessories for Jeeps and Off-Highway vehicles.  Sun Performance has provided a QuickAIR Deflator and Compressor for installation in ALF's Expedition Vehicle.  The Deflator is a tool that will allow the explorers to air down quickly while monitoring the tire pressure. The Compressor will be used to keep the tires filled to the optimal pressure in all types of driving conditions.


Talkeetna Air Taxi 

Talkeetna Air Taxi has been flying visitors, climbers and explorers in Alaska for over fifty years.  They hold a special concession for glacier landing operations in Denali National Park.  Talkeetna Air Taxi provided flight services to our Alaska Expedition, including an aerial tour of the Alaska Range and a glacier landing in the Don Sheldon Amphitheater.



The MILEPOST® logs all major highways and most secondary roads, from the 1,488-mile Alaska Highway to the 1.6 mile Anchor River Road.  The MILEPOST® includes logs of attractions, activities and services along 88 scenic highways and roads in Alaska, Yukon Territory and other parts of Western Canada. It also includes general information on the region as well as the Inside Passage. . Morris Communications Corporation has provided copies of The MilePost and Logbook to help the Explorers find their way around the far north.


Rainbow Symphony Inc

Rainbow Symphony Inc. is a leading supplier of 3D glasses and has been manufacturing quality paper eye wear and specialty optical products for over twenty five years.  Rainbow has provided our African Expedition with Eclipse Shades™ which will be provided to the students in Zambia so that they can safely view the sun and the solar eclipse. 


J & L Self Defense Products

J & L Self Defense Products offer a full line of personal safety equipment as well as law enforcement equipment and supplies.  J & L has provided the explorers with key chain pepper spray units for peace of mind and which we hope will never be necessary.


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