The Copper Canyon
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On our Tarahumara Copper Canyon Expedition we will be experiencing a number of the different adventures available in the
Sierra Madre Occidental.

We are looking forward to hiking into the various canyons that make up the Copper Canyon.  It will be great to view the region from the bottom of a 5,000 foot deep canyon.  

We hope to explore the historical gold and silver mining towns and maybe even explore the inside of one of the old mines!   

Especially exciting, we are looking forward to visiting Parks & Reserves that contain Mexico's two highest waterfalls: Piedra Volada with a fall of 453 meters (1,494 feet) and Basaseachic with a fall of 246 meters (812 feet).  

Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, we plan to explore the Archeological Zone of Paquimé, near the town of Nuevo Casas Grandes  and the cliff house ruins near Madera.  

We are looking forward to all of these adventures and hope that you will join us along the way!  Follow along through video clips, photos and email.


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