The Northern Andes Expedition

The Galapagos 
North Seymour Island


blue_footed_boobie.jpg (127836 bytes)
Blue Footed Boobie
calif_sea_lion.jpg (105691 bytes)
California Sea Lion
cute_sea_lion.jpg (73309 bytes)
magn_frig_1.jpg (116974 bytes)
Male Magnificent Frigate birds
land_iguana.jpg (107077 bytes)
Land Iguana
magn_frig.jpg (138358 bytes)
Magnificent Frigate birds
mating_dance.jpg (119441 bytes)
Blue-Footed Boobies mating dance
galop_panga.jpg (80624 bytes)
Panga collecting passengers
group_shot.jpg (75067 bytes)
California sea lion, swallow-tailed gulls and a Sally Lightfoot Crab
swallow_tail_gull.jpg (70922 bytes)
Swallow-tailed Gulls


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