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Isla Janitzio

janitzio Is1.jpg (41490 bytes)
Isla Janitzio
janitzio fishermen.jpg (26786 bytes)
Fishermen with butterfly nets
jan_dancers.jpg (82601 bytes)
Kids dancing a parody of old men
jan_dancers1.jpg (65650 bytes)
Dancer with "old man" mask
jan_fsh_sticks.jpg (89369 bytes)
Fried minnow snack
jan_morelos_statue1.jpg (46982 bytes)
Statue to local hero Juan Morelos
jan_tortilla_maker.jpg (86160 bytes)
Making fresh tortillas
janitzio saints.jpg (63183 bytes)
Saints in local dress
janitzio view.jpg (78557 bytes) janitzio2.jpg (91102 bytes)
Items for sale

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