Mayan creation

The following is from the Popol Wuh, the only existing rendition of the Mayan creation story:

Before the Creation there were neither men nor animals, birds, fish, crabs, trees, stones, holes, ravines, grass nor vines. The surface of the earth was hidden. There was only the sea and it was calm, and in the sky there was nothing which could make noise. There was not a thing that existed, nothing that had being, only the sea and the still water. There was only silence and tranquility in the darkness and the night. The only existed the Lord and Creator, K'ucumatz, Mother and Father of everything, and He lives in the water; and He is called Heart of Heaven, because He is there and there He lives. His Word came with the Lords Tepew and K'ucumatz. They talked, and deliberating, consulting and discussing in the middle of that darkness, they created all the creatures.

And there was manifested the creation of trees, and of life, and of all that was created by the Heart of Heaven, who is called Hurakan.

The first manifestation of Hurakan was called Caculha Hurakan, Lightning with One Leg. The second was called Chipi Caculha, The Smallest of Lightnings. And the third was called Raxa Caculha, Very Beautiful Lightning.

And these three manifestations are the Heart of Heaven.

--translated by Albertina Saravia E.


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