Santa Semana 
Photo Album

Alfombras (carpets) Photos 


la merced alfombra a.jpg (56831 bytes)
Alfombra (Carpet) at La Merced Church
alfombra work a.jpg (61167 bytes)
Everyone gets into the act
alfombra needles a.jpg (54018 bytes)
Laying down a pine needle base
alfombra frame a.jpg (42473 bytes)
Making the frame
alfombra designing a.jpg (50006 bytes)
Using colored sawdust for the design
alfombra design a.jpg (58117 bytes)
Using flowers for the design
alfombra base a.jpg (48469 bytes)
Making a pattern
alfombra 3a.jpg (63719 bytes)
Part of a 1000 foot long carpet!
alfombra 2a.jpg (52236 bytes)
The alfombra stretches into the distance


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