Expedition Vehicle Photos

awning view1.jpg (59533 bytes)
On the beach in Tulum, Mexico

cane field squeeze.JPG (62005 bytes)
Squeezing through the sugar cane fields

Pozos.JPG (43165 bytes)
Mina de Pozos, Mexico

tamasopo camp.JPG (58612 bytes)
Camping at Tamasopo

Taxco camp.JPG (63771 bytes)
Taxco camp

front view1.jpg (54755 bytes)
Conferr rack with KC Hilite Fog and Driving lights, Scepter 20ltr fuel cans and a hi-lift jack

front side1.jpg (51599 bytes)
Knaack Weatherguard box mounted on chassis next to Inka Plastics gray water tank

side view1.jpg (44782 bytes)

rear view1.JPG (45387 bytes)

rear view11.jpg (52234 bytes)
Bumper mounted Yokohama spare tires, Scepter water cans, KC Hilite Spot Lights with Viair compressor tank mounted to chassis

side view11.jpg (46103 bytes)
Dometic 2500 Series Awning, Hijacker Steps and a 2nd gray water tank

Bed.jpg (61504 bytes)

kitchen1.jpg (49041 bytes)

dining1.jpg (46805 bytes)
Dining area

closet.JPG (36502 bytes)
Closet and Fridge

counter and cabinet.JPG (33570 bytes)
Cabinet and counter

pantry1.jpg (39747 bytes)
Pantry closed

pantry2.JPG (43702 bytes)
Pantry slide out open

spot and rex mascots.JPG (31664 bytes)
Mascots Spot and Rex

bathroom.jpg (31361 bytes)


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