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Mision San Ignacio.jpg (30418 bytes)
Mision San Ignacio (See GPS)
El Juncalito Beach.JPG (380753 bytes)
El Juncalito Beach
Roadside shrine.JPG (523351 bytes)
Roadside shrine
Virgin shrine.jpg (323468 bytes)
Roadside shrine
Pelican.JPG (373858 bytes)
Friendly Pelican
Cape whale watching.JPG (1131704 bytes)
Land based whale watching
at the Cape (See GPS)
Cabo_Pulmo.JPG (25387 bytes)
Cabo Pulmo (See GPS)
28th Parallel.jpg (19992 bytes)
28th Parallel marker (See GPS)

Tres Virgenes Volcano Camp
(See GPS)
Don Using Sat phone.jpg (34248 bytes)
Don sending updates via satellite


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