Alaska & the Yukon Photos
Skagway, Alaska

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White Pass Train
The White Pass RR
Chilkoot trail.jpg (130363 bytes)
The Chilkoot Trail
Dyea Cemetery.jpg (120689 bytes)
Dyea Cemetery at base of the Chilkoot Trail
Dyea Store front.jpg (118146 bytes)
Dyea's last storefront
Taiya River.jpg (40774 bytes)
Taiya River at Dyea
Skagway1.jpg (74489 bytes)
Skagway storefront
Skagway2.jpg (48663 bytes)
skagway3.jpg (62040 bytes)
skagway4.jpg (63744 bytes)
skagway5.jpg (58046 bytes)
skagway6.jpg (77202 bytes)
skagway7.jpg (89601 bytes)
Skagway old city hall
Snow blower train.jpg (92390 bytes)
Snow Blower train


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