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Hiking to indepence mine.jpg (45899 bytes)
Hiking to Indepence Mine
Sat at finger lakes.jpg (113920 bytes)
Sending update from Finger Lake
Eklutna Russian Orthodox Church.jpg (82850 bytes)
Eklunta Russian Orthodox Church
Eklutna Siberian prayer chapel.jpg (128251 bytes)
18th Century Siberian prayer chapel with Athabascan spirit houses
Avalanche Gun placement.jpg (72189 bytes)
Avalanche gun placement
Melt-water fall.jpg (113044 bytes)
Meltwater fall
pole netters1.jpg (84838 bytes)
Pole netter fishing for Candlefish (smelt)
Portage Glacier.jpg (72649 bytes)
Portage Glacier
Byron Glacier.jpg (65451 bytes)
Byron Glacier
Explorer Glacier.jpg (57336 bytes)
Explorer Glacier


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