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Victoria Falls

western_view.jpg (19972 bytes)

View from Devils Cataract

eastern_cataract_vf.jpg (52363 bytes)

Eastern Cataract

main_falls.jpg (33340 bytes)

Main Falls

vf_bridge.jpg (50720 bytes)

Zambezi River bridge, the border of Zimbabwe & Zambia

Devils_cat.jpg (25653 bytes)

The Batoka Gorge

vf_zambia.jpg (42193 bytes)

Close to the edge!

zf_gorge.jpg (33172 bytes)

1st set of rapids below the falls

zf_top.jpg (49533 bytes)

Top of the falls, Zimbabwe side

zf_vert.jpg (92463 bytes)

Eastern Cataract

zf_zambia_bridge.jpg (23200 bytes)

Bridge across to Knife Point

zim_falls1.jpg (20617 bytes)

Main Falls, a little wet

zf_bridge_gorge.jpg (41426 bytes)

See the mist from the main falls!

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